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Zoning and Permits

A successful business owner will seek the best location, whether the goal is to take advantage of foot traffic, receive deliveries easily, or create a synergy with local businesses. The quest for the perfect location can neglect a critical issue: Will zoning laws and ordinances permit the business to operate legally? Consulting a real estate lawyer in Minneapolis can help you determine whether you will be allowed to operate your business in the location you have in mind.

  • Research whether the zoning of the potential location will accommodate your business.
  • Determine whether any plans to modify zoning in the area may concern the capacity to operate your enterprise.
  • Research zoning ordinances and regulations to determine what may be regulated: for example, noise, parking, signs, visual appearance, water and air quality, and waste management.
  • Get to know your neighbors and develop amicable relationships with them.
  • Be willing to spend money and energy to develop creative solutions to zoning problems.
  • On the other hand, there are certain practices to avoid.
  • Avoid signing a commercial lease without being certain that you will legally be able to do business at the location, unless the lease is contingent on appropriate zoning.
  • Don’t ignore or hedge regulations. Betting that the municipality won’t notice or won’t care about violations will be a costly gamble.
  • Don’t sacrifice an otherwise perfect location because the zoning is in conflict with your goals. With the right plan and the right support, the business may be able to receive a variance and not be required to conform to zoning regulations.
  • Don’t navigate zoning issues alone. Business associations can put you in touch with the proper officials to approach.
  • A zoning and land use attorney can be invaluable. Contact Patrick K. Oden, a real estate attorney in St. Paul, for help resolving your zoning issues.

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