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Civil Litigation & Criminal Defense

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There are two basic categories of legal practice: transaction and litigation. Transactional law governs the smooth operation of society; examples include sales contracts, business formation, estate planning, and property transfers. Litigation is the resolution of disputes arising among individuals, business entities, and governments. At its very core, litigation is any judicial proceeding where two or more parties intend for a court to determine and allow enforcement of legal rights.

Criminal and DWI Defense

The Founding Fathers understood the importance of preserving the rights of the people to assistance in criminal defense proceedings. Attorneys are trained as officers of the courts to help people understand and navigate the American legal system. Because more is at stake in criminal cases than civil cases, hiring a lawyer early in the case is important to ensure that the government acts properly in criminal prosecution. If you are arrested in Minnesota for driving while impaired, seeking counsel early may help you to retain your driver's license.

Predatory Lending Practices

Increases in predatory lending practices, backed by the lures of attractive interest rates in the recent past and (questionable) mortgage products that look too good to be true, have driven record sales of mortgages and refinancing products. As interest rates rise, the number of foreclosures also rises. Victims of predatory lending may be able to recover against the mortgage lenders that engage in illegal practices.

Probate Litigation

Estate planning is geared toward directing disposition of assets and avoiding disputes among heirs when a person dies. Most cases pass through probate properly or avoid probate all together. Some cases run into probate disputes. Probate litigation can involve contesting the validity of a will, disputing testamentary trust interpretation, and disputing the appointment of a particular executor or administrator.

Disability Rights

Persons with disabilities are often the most vulnerable in society. They are often vulnerable because they lack the resources to fight for themselves in the way that others can. Persons with disabilities are afforded the same civil rights as everyone else, but they are also granted special rights as a protected class. When those rights are violated, the offenders must be held to account.

Personal Injury Law

Not every case has merit. Many claims should never become cases. At the same time, personal injury cases with merit should be settled or judged according to ideals of justified compensation. Accidents happen. But liability still hangs on the person or entity that was the cause of the accident. The transgressor may have never intended harm, but certainly the injured victim never wanted to be harmed.

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