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DWI Defense, Special Reduced Fees

Ramsey, Hennepin & Twin Cities Seven County Metro

For a limited time1 the Law Office of Patrick K. Oden is offering new clients who have been charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) reduced rates for defense in criminal courts in the Twin Cities seven county metro area.2

The DWI defense special is $750.00 for a first time DWI or $1,500.00 for a second time DWI. The charge cannot be greater than Gross Misdemeanor (i.e., no felony DWIs). Also, three or more DWIs do not qualify for reduced fees, though you should call our office to inquire about our everyday low rates.

The reduced fee covers the entire attorney/paralegal fee, but it does not cover other possible expenses, such as court fees, administration fees, police report costs, fines, or other related expenses.

Other terms and conditions may apply, depending on your specific case.

  1. The offer is good for a limited time. There is currently no specific end date, but the offer may be terminated at any time, without notice or warning. Any agreements for representation that have been executed before the reduced-fee offer has ended will be good through the resolution of the case. Once the offer is terminated, no new cases at reduced fee will be accepted.
  2. 2 Ramsey County, Hennepin County, Washington County, Dakota County, Carver County, Scott County, Anoka County. Reduced fees may be available in other counties. Call the office to inquire.

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