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Minnesota Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation: Trials and Appeals

Minneapolis—St. Paul trial attorney Patrick Oden represents clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters, including contract disputes, property disputes, environmental law, personal injury law, and employment law. Call 651.210.9409 to schedule an initial consultation with a civil litigator to discuss your dispute.

Contract Disputes

Contract law is pervasive in every aspect of life. Every time you sign a credit card receipt, you're signing a contract. When you verbally exchange promises to perform work in return for some payment, then you're committing to an oral contract.

Promises are made and broken every day. The law usually does not assign a moral judgment to breaking of a promise. Breach of contract simply means that one party cannot keep the promise it made to the other party. Contract law does seek to put both parties in the same position they were in before the contract was made or the breach occurred. Any contract dispute, neither party is supposed to profit at the expense of the other. Still, the party who cannot perform its contractual obligations will be required to make the non-breaching party whole.

Contract disputes can arise between individuals and businesses and the government.

Property Disputes

Property disputes can range from boundary disputes, to land use and zoning issues, to title disputes. Many disputes can be resolved through negotiations or by simply curing the problems.

Boundary disputes are probably the most common type of property dispute. Most property owners, whether homeowners are business owners, are concerned with keeping their property intact. And rightly so.

Property disputes also arise over water rights. Water rights are also called riparian rights. Riparian rights law gives landowners whose properties are abutting a waterway or a body of water the right to reasonable use. When the amount of water cannot satisfy all of the needs of the adjacent landowners, allocations will be proportional to frontage on the waterway or body. Riparian rights can only be sold or transferred to abutting property owners, and water cannot be transferred out of the watershed.

Riparian rights include access for swimming, boating, and fishing; building a dock; domestic, agricultural, or commercial use; and the right to view and protection of that view. Water rights rely on reasonable use as compared to local riparian owners to assure the extent of the rights of one riparian owner are granted fairly and equitably with the rights of adjacent riparian owners.

Environmental Law Disputes

Attorney Patrick Oden represents clients throughout Minnesota in environmental law disputes. Mr. Oden handles cases involving poor air and water quality caused by industry, manufacturing, and corporate farming, and challenging the validity of Environmental Impact Statements, particularly related to corporate farming.

Mr. Oden is an advocate for protecting family farming against big business, corporate farming.

Personal Injury

While often considered a distinct area of law, personal injury law is in fact simply a specific category of civil litigation. The vast majority of personal injury cases are a result of car accidents—as many as two thirds of all personal injury cases.
Most of the rest of the personal your cases come from premises liability.

remises liability is colloquially called slip and fall accidents. What premises liability really means is that one person gets hurt on another person's or business' property and the business or property owner is liable for the injury.

Employment Law

Disputes in employment law usually revolve around wrongful termination, civil rights violations, breaches of agreement of non-competition, and breaches of employment contract issues. Litigation arises when employer and employee cannot come to an agreement outside of court.

To discuss whether you have a case involving these or any other legal disputes, call Minnesota civil litigator Patrick Oden at 651.210.9409 to schedule an initial consultation.

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