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Patrick K. Oden is a lawyer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He received a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though he spent several years in Pittsburgh, Mr. Oden is a Twin Cities native and has lived in the area for more than twenty-five years. His undergraduate education was at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. He also completed graduate coursework in writing and public and nonprofit administration.

Mr. Oden is an accomplished writer and has published several legal articles on disability issues, probate litigation, and civil rights violations. Work experience prior to law school includes a variety of positions that helped to hone the skills that prove highly useful to a litigator. He has worked as a staff member for a U.S. Congressman, an administrator for a major metropolitan city attorney’s office, and as a freelance editor.

He has developed investigative, research, writing, and oral presentation skills both in his employment and his education. Investigation is important to lay the foundation to develop case theories and criminal defenses. Researching the law is essential to build solid cases; winning lawsuits requires applying the law correctly. Writing is the lifeblood of attorneys. Every claim, every case, every complaint requires documents to file with the court or to present to the opposition. Lawyers write letters. Lawyers write contracts. Lawyers write settlement agreements. Lawyers write trial pleadings. Lawyers write briefs. Writing is a skill at which every lawyer should excel. And finally, oral presentation is important when civil cases cannot be settled and criminal cases are not dismissed or pled. Oral presentation matter at trial. For better or worse, juries and judges assess credibility of cases on the attorneys—their presentation, their oration, their professionalism—and not simply the merits of the cases alone. As much as judges and juries understand the need to be objective, human nature dictates that people will assess the messenger as much as the message.

As an attorney, Patrick Oden began practicing in criminal defense and DWI defense and various civil litigation areas because of a sense of obligation to represent individuals—to represent the people of Minnesota.

He strongly believes that individuals accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The State carries the burden of proving its case. One of the great tragedies is an innocent person wrongly convicted and incarcerated. Greater the tragedy is when such an innocent is incarcerated when a proper defense and uncovering the truth could have kept him or her out of prison.

As a civil litigator, Mr. Oden works to correct injustices that people face every day. He works primarily in cases where probate disputes require litigation, where mortgage lenders have unethically or illegally engaged in predatory lending, where persons with disabilities have had civil rights violated, and where people are injured in accidents because of negligence or bad actions of others.

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